Progress & maps

To see a map of Nat’s daily progress, click here. (Thanks to Paul Dowson for setting this up and maintaining it).

Also see the Twitter feed on the right for more regular updates and below for a day-by-day final location update

Day 300 – 5 November: Portsmouth!! Mission Complete

Day 299 – 4 November: Hayling Bridge Around Hayling Island today, only one day left…

Day 298 – 3 November: Langstone Harbour A pint in the Royal Oak for old time’s sake

Day 297 – 2 November: Bosham A “nice day” and a first glimpse of the Isle of Wight

Day 296 – 1 November: Bracklesham Last night in the tent

Day 295 – 31 October: Atherington Easoer day

Day 294 – 30 October: Shoreham by Sea Through a very rammed Brighton

Day 293 – 29 October: Seaford Waltzed passed Beachy Head

Day 292 – 28 October: Bexhill on Sea A late finish after some tricky ups and downs in the darkness

Day 291 – 27 October: Lydd The bleaker side of Kent…

Day 290 – 26 October: Folkestone Blown off the white cliffs of Dover

Day 289 – 25 October: Deal Ben Moore joined and did well

Day 288 – 24 October: Cliftonville A stunning start weatherwise but just as finished the hail arrived

Day 287 – 23 October: Whitstable Walking with the family

Day 286 – 22 October: Sittingborne Mistaken for homeless in Asda.

Day 285 – 21 October: Minster, Isle of Sheppey Camping in the long grass is not good

Day 284 – 20 October: Rainham Dock Teetering through Kent in the sunshine

Day 283 – 19 October: Allhallows Wet. And Cold. But crossed the Thames!

Day 282 – 18 October: Stanford Le Hope Nearly to the crossing point

Day 281 –  17 October:  Chalkwell “Alright day”

Day 280 – 16 October: Burnham on Crouch Mum kept up

Day 279 – 15 October: Steeple Creek Val and Brian to the rescue

Day 278 – 14 October: Old Hall Creek A pop over the river today

Day 277 – 13 October: St Osyth Marsh Good progress today and a shanty town for fun

Day 276 – 12 October: Harwich Getting back on track and HELLO ESSEX

Day 275 – 11 October: Ipswich Another one of those river days

Day 274 – 10 October: Woodbridge The sun came out!!

Day 273 – 9 October: Chillesford A long long day with bad feet

Day 272 – 8 October: Reydon A little bit bleak

Day 271 – 7 October: Great Yarmouth Phone nicked. Joy.

Day 270 – 6 October: Happisburgh A sunny day and even a few slopes

Day 269 – 5 October: Cley Next The Sea Back on BBC Radio Solent

Day 268 – 4 October: Thornham Better day and off the levies!

Day 267 – 3 October: Kings Lynn Army bomb area was today’s delight

Day 266 – 2 October: Holbeach St Matthews Open prison anyone? Yes please.

Day 265 – 1 October: Freiston Shore Another dead end this morning, this time costing half a day

Day 264 – 30 September: Skegness Sun is out and in a holiday town 🙂

Day 263 – 29 September: Saltfleets Absoluteley soaked

Day 262 – 28 September: Outside Immingham Always fun when you walk down a path and find it is blocked when it is supposed to be open. Thanks that company.

Day 261 – 27 September: Hessle Some might call it boring abd miserable, Nat would be one of them

Day 260 – 26 September: Weeton Windy, wet, flat and patience testing

Day 259 – 25 September: Bail bridge. South of aldbrough Bit of a “boring” day

Day 258 – 24 September: South of Flamborough A very windy day

Day 257 – 23 September: Scarborough Along the cliff tops once more for a late finish

Day 256 – 22 September: DAY OFF

Day 255 – 21 September: Whitby Along the cliffs on the Cleveland Way

Day 254 – 20 Septmber: Skiningrove Through Middlesbrough and over the transporter

Day 253 – 19 September: Seaton Carew Bit of a slog all day, with some of those disappearing paths again

Day 252 – 18 September: Whitburn In and out of Newcastle

Day 251 – 17 September: Whitley Bay Long day but some great sights (see twitter)

Day 250 – 16 September: Broomhill picked up by the grandparents!

Day 249 – 15 September: Dunstan Looked after by the camping and caravan club tonight

Day 248 – 14 September: Fenwick Wood Rain and wind are here to stay

Day 247 – 13 September: Berwick Upon Tweed ENGLAND!

Day 246 – 12 September: Barns Ness Bit of beach walking. Which was nice.

Day 245 – 11 September: Gullane Shorter day but an ice cream to finish

Day 244 – 10 September: Musselburgh Just outside Edinburgh

Day 243 – 9 September: Dalgety Bay Friendly people apparently in this area!

Day 242 – 8 September : Lower Largo A  sunny day.

Day 241 – 7 September: St Andrews A night in a caravan. 5000 MILES!

Day 240 – 6 September: -Dundee A much needed bed  after being in the tent in strong winds again last night . Very tired today!

Day 239-  5 September: Elliot A bit windy for camping!

.Day 238 -4 September: Montrose Bay Camping near the river after walking round it to the bridge, as it was too deep to paddle.

Day 237 – 3 September: Stonehaven Camping – it might rain

Day 236- 2 September: Aberdeen A good days walking in the sun and on the beach.

Day 235 – 1 September: Winnyfold Camping in a field after a good days walking.

Day 234- 31 August: Rattray Head An easy day after breakfast with the cows!

Day 233  – 30 August: Rosehearty A good day. Better weather and the boots are wearing in. Lovely sunset!

Day   232  –  29 August: Banff A frustrating day! Tired,wet and windy and a long hunt for shelter.

Day 231  –  28 August: Portessie– A long long day!

Day 230-  27 August: Burghead Through the forest and along the beach. Good weather, but blisters giving pain! Friends arrived with support.

Day 229 –  26 August : Culbin Forest near Loch Loy With midges and mosquitos! A hard day after the break.

Day 221 -(18 August) to Day 228 (25 August) : WEEK  OFF FOR JON’S WEDDING IN LONDON

Day 220 – 17 August: Inverness Last day of walking for a week

Day 219 – 16 August: Kilmuir On the radio with Steve Harris again!

Day 218 – 15 August: Eathie Nearly ended up having to walk til nine but a bothy turned up unexpectedly saving another two hours trekking

Day 217 – 14 August: Evanton The sun came out! And rescued a mouse thing

Day 216 – 13 August: Nigg Bit of a boring one but got in the Portsmouth News again

Day 215 – 12 August: Inver A long day on the road

Day 214 – 11 August: Balblair Wood Saw a lot of seals.

Day 213 – 10 August: Helmsdale Saved a lamb and got some sunshine!

Day 212 – 9 August: Dunbeath Free pen and made friends (sort of) with Will Carling

Day 211 – 8 August: Wick First day on the downward trail

Day 210 – 7 August: John O’Groats Made it to the mentalness that is the top of the UK

Day 209 – 6 August: Thurso Biggest place for around 3 months and first look at Dunnet Head

Day 208 – 5 August: Melvich Finished at a campsite with a pub after a sunny day. Result.

Day 207 – 4 August: Kirtomy Fkying along the top

Day 206 – 3 August: Talmine A day on the cliffs

Day 205 – 2 August: Kempie Experienced a hangover for the first time in 205 days. Thanks Gil!

Day 204 – 1 August: Durness Meeting up with Gil once more. Properly on the top of mainland UK now

Day 203 – 31 July: Strathchailleach In the haunted bothy for the night…

Day 202 – 30 July: Kinlochbervie A wet day and Tom’s first day

Day 201 – 29 July: Badcall Two days in one to make it in time for Tom tomorrow

Day 200 – 28 July: Culkein 200th day celebrated with a Lochinver Pie: Beef Stroganoff

Day 199 – 27 July: Inverkirkaig Tent flooded and was out of signal. Joy.

Day 198 – 26 July: Achininver Turns out it was a Tesco… seeking shelter in a hostel from rain

Day 197 – 25 July: Ullapool MORRISONS! Civilisation!

Day 196 – 24 July: Badrallach Around the headland… sunny!

Day 195 – 23 July: Dundonnel Another sunny day, it’s becoming a habit. Better still, saw a Sea Eagle

Day 194 – 22 July: Laide Sunshine all day and one day away from five weeks ahead of schedule

Day 193 – 21 July: Poolewe Around the headland to a campsite for the night

Day 192 – 20 July: Gairloch Two miles out of the village to an old-school hostel. Nice short day

Day 191 – 19 July: Redpoint The Monroes are back in town

Day 190 – 18 July: Torridon Hostel tonight to dry out at last

Day 189 – 17 July: Fearnmore Was that sunshine?! It bloody was!

Day 188 – 16 July: Airigh Drishaig It’s raining. Again.

Day 187 – 15 July: Loch Carron Back on the mainland!

Day 186 – 14 July: Kyleakin Last day on Skye

Day 185 – 13 July: Head of Loch Ainort Mountain time again

Day 184 – 12th July: Portree Civilisation!

Day 183 – 11th July: Elishadder (Skye) Was that sunshine? Was it?! No…

Day 182Uig – 10th July- 6 months of walking! A  good day and a frustrating evening.

Day181  9th July-Borve A nother wet and frustrating Day! Campsite and evening  A big improvement.

Day 180 – 8 July: Waterstein Head (Skye) Why does the weather insist on rain?

Day 179 – 7 July: Dunvegan (Skye) Skye’s highest cliff in 60mph winds? YES PLEASE!

Day 178 – 6 July: Borrodale (Skye) Not content with torrential rain, wind has arrived too. Very strong wind.

Day 177 – 5 July: Roag Still on Skye, still raining, still walking

Day 176 – 4 July: Carbostmore A shorter day in 70mph winds. And an incident to forget. If that were possible…

Day 175 – 3 July: Eynort Ended at the hostel, the rain is consistent

Day 174 – 2 July: Glenbrittle Over the mountains and to a hostel – much needed

Day 173 – 1 July: Camasunary Better day, but late finish. £3 for soup tho!!

Day 172 – 30 June: Head of Loch Eishort, Skye One of those tired and fed up days

Day 171 – 29 June: Point of Sleat Midges were pretty bad this morning then…

Day 170 – 28 June: Port Mhealaraigh A bad start but it got better

Day 169 – 27 June: Kyleakin And onto Skye in time to see England get thrashed.

Day 168 – 26 June: Ardelve A much nicer day, with a campsite near the most photographed castle in Scotland

Day 167 – 25 June: Ardintoul Back into signal, Nat spent the past 48 hours slipping down cliffs. NICE.

Day 166 – 24 June: Kinloch Hourn We think… no signal

Day 165 – 23 June: Barrisdale Bay (apparently) Listened to the England-Slovenia game on five live

Day 164 – 22 June: Knoydart Ferry over with Ranger Tommy, who thankfully explained the route round the coast was not passable

Day 163 – 21 June: Malaig Longest day taken advantage of with a long day and finish ar a hostel in Malaig

Day 162 – 20 June: Lochailort A few headlands and a lot of bloody massive hills. Most of which, thankfully, do not have to get walked up

Day 161 – 19 June: Ardtoe Back to the camper van! Gil continuing to be a legendary help

Day 160 – 18 June: Ardnamurchan A nice potter down the loch to the lighthouse

Day 159 – 17 June: Salen A better day. Mostly because it was mostly on the map and identifiable

Day 158 – 16 June: Somewhere 20 miles from Rhemore A day of mist, wet feet and disorientation

Day 157 – 15 June: Rhemore A long day down the roads of west Scotland

Day 156 – 14 June: Kingairloch Nice spot for camping

Day 155 – 13 June: Clovullin A mammoth 32 mile day. And ALOT of rain

Day 154  – 12 June: Fort William Stock up time!

Day 153 – 11 June: Kentallen Started off raining, but brightened up eventually

Day 152 – 10 June: Barcaldine The prize of two baby Montjack deer today

Day 151 – 9 June: Oban Nat hits half way!

Day 150 – 8 June: Clachan Seil A morning free of midges. Wonderful

Day 149 – 7 June: Kilchoan Nat’s first dip in the sea of the journey. Verdict was: Freezing

Day 148 – 6 June: Lochan Fearphorm near Ardfern Midges! Everywhere! EVERYWHERE!

Day 147 – 5 June: Carsaig 3000 miles mark! And back into the wilderness…

Day 146 – 4 June: Kilmichael Of Inverlussa Hot, hot day and attacked by Midges. Oh and broke camera

Day 145 – 3 June: Ormsary Still going west….

Day 144 – 2 June: Torinturk Sad to see the news of the shootings in Whitehaven after walking through there a month or so ago.

Day 143 – 1 June: Tayinloan A delayed start in the rain, but finished on the beach in the sunshine

Day 142 – 31 May: Machrihanish Another pathless day and many ups and downs!

Day 141 – 30 May: Southend Parent’s first day and they lasted the duration

Day 140 – 29 May: Saddel A very, very wet day

Day 139 – 28 May: Skipness Finally off Loch Fine and heading down the finger to Campbelltown

Day 138 – 27 May: Lochgilphead A 27-mile slog but done in very good time, a swift nine hours

Day 137 – 26 May: Invarary A shorter day and well deserved rest. Still 20 miles though!

Day 136 – 25 May: Hazelbank Some otter watching today

Day 135 – 24 May: Kilfinan bay A good day other than the smelly foot from the bog

Day 134 – 23 May: Tighnabruaich A late finish but they kept the pub kitchen open especially

Day 133 – 22 May: Somewhere around 25 miles beyond Dunoon A lost map and no signal means no clue of wherabouts

Day 132 – 21 May: Dunoon Muggy day in the north but a nice early finish at a hotel to reorganise a bit

Day 131 – 20 May: Just beyond Castle Carrick A slow climb but an amazing view

Day 130 – 19 May: Arrochar Bit of a slog up Loch Long today. Was very Long

Day 129 – 18 May: Mambeg A late late finish to end across the water from the lunchtime spot…

Day 128 – 17 May: Old Kilpatrick Nice way to finish

Day 127 – 16 May: Skelmorlie First outing for the new tent this evening…

Day 126 – 15 May: Ardrossan There in time to see Pompey lose heroically in the FA Cup

Day 125 – 14 May: Troon Edging closer to Clydebank and today Nat got offered some boots by Hi-Tec

Day 124 – 13 May: Culzean Castle Bit of road but a lot of coast and a castle to finish

Day 123 – 12 May: Ballantrae On an actual coastpath again! Ayrshire proving lovely

Day 122 – 11 May: Stranraer A quick hop over for a half day and some reorganising

Day 121 – 10 May: Kirkcolm A ten-hour epic to reach a B&B and a much-needed power supply

Day 120 – 9 May: Port Logan All the way down, and all the way up. Pub to finish

Day 119 = 8 May: Ardwell Stopped by the police. Again.

Day 118 – 7 May: Port William The sun came out and the roads got shorter

Day 117 – 6 May: Garliesten Election day and two offers of a lift.

Day 116 – 5 May: Creetown Onsite pub and power supply for fiver at the campsite. Result.

Day 115 – 4 May: Brighouse Bay Long bit on the roads today again, getting to be a theme!

Day 114 – 3 May: Rascarrel Spectacular afternnon and early morning, but a air bit of road inbetween

Day 113 – 2 May: Rockcliffe A short day but a long stretch of road before a spectacular end coming into Rockcliffe

Day 112 – 1 May: Southerness Twenty miles, starting on road and ending on beach, sort of each anyway

Day 111 – 30 April: Dumfries Made it early to Dumfries after a wet day in Scotland

Day 110 – 29 April: Powfoot Nat’s first day in SCOTLAND

Day 109 – 28 April: Carlisle Last outpost of England and last night in England as well. Scotland awaits.

Day 108 – 27 April: Anthorn Made good progress today, no thanks to some dodgy Cumbria Coastpath signposting

Day 107 – 26 April: Allonby Nat’s day highlight… sweets:

Day 106 – 25 April: St Bees Marathon walk along the beach to finish. Lovely

Day 105 – 24 April: Near Bootle, Cumbria Long walk up today, finishing in the sunshine to camp

Day 104 – 23 April: Kirkby in Furness Polished off the island early doors then up the coast to a hostel after getting gas and kit kats in Barrow in Furness

Day 103 – 22 April: Isle of Walney, south A bit of a walk south to a nice long island

Day 102 – 21 April: Greenodd On a road for the majority of the day. All the way inland and all the way out again

Day 101 – 20 April: Far Arneside A run in with two landmarks: one from Black Sabbath, the other Eric Morcambe

Day 100 – 19 April: Lancaster House Hotel The centenary day and a posh hotel courtesy of Lakes Hotels website. Hot tub? Yes, yes it does.

Day 99 – 18 April: Fleetwood Made it through the Pleasure Beach to the much more pleasant beach at Fleetwood for around 3.30pm

Day 98 – 17 April: Warton A long walk into then out of Preston. But on the plus side ended in a country and western campsite!

Day 97 – 16 April: Southport A nice wander through the city before hitting the beaches from Crosby to Southport

Day 96 – 15 April: DAY OFF

Day 95 – 14 April: Liverpool Walked into England, Wales done in 37 days. The had lunch on the beach, before getting to Liverpool after a 27 mile day

Day 94 – 13 April: Flint Last full day in Wales had its fair share of industry

Day 93 – 12 April: Rhyl Some long stretches with lots of holidaying Scousers

Day 92 – 11 April: Conwy Arrived in time to see Pompey win the FA Cup semi final! Great Orme and Conwy Sands

Day 91 – 10 April: Bangor Back on the mainland on a sunny Saturday

Day 90 – 9 April: Red Wharf Bay Last full day on Anglesey

Day 89 – 8 April: Cemaes Back of Holy Island and half way back to mainland

Day 88 – 7 April: Holyhead A lot of distance covered and some walking on water

Day 87 – 6 April: Rhosneigr Second day on the island and a miserable one weatherwise

Day 86 – 5 April: Dwyran Over the bridge into Anglesey today

Day85  – 4th April: Llandwrog. Last 8 miles along the road. No food in the morning. Another hard day!

Day 84 –  3rd April : Near Penarllt not far from Morfa. A day of mixed walking ,but reasonable weather. His phone thought he was in Ireland!

Day 83 – 2nd April: Porth Ceiriad Mainly dry with a few showers. ‘Abersoch was heaving!’

Day  82  – 1 April: Borth y Gest No fools here, a day of April weather.

Day 81 – 31 March
: Barmouth Moved five days ahead and eating up the West Wales coastline.

Day 80 – 30 March: Aberdovey The gift of an afternoon off thanks to a boat ride across the river. Restocking, drying out, recharging, onwards tomorrow

Day 79 – 29  March: Aberystwyth A ‘short’ 18 miles day

Day 78 – 28 March: Aberaeron Picturesque path through West Wales – second ice cream in two days!

Day 77 – 27 March: Aberporth Sunny day and first ice cream!

Day 76 – 26 March Moylgrove A muddy muddy day. But…

Day 75 – 25 March Fishguard Second hostel of the trip after a long stretch of patchy phone signal

Day 74 – 24 March Trefin Another long one, with a fair few hills this time. Lovely. First hostel of the trip tonight.

Day 73 – 23 March Solva 28 miles in 10 hours. Not bad eh?

Day 72 – 22 March St Anne’s Head Rain then shine today. Through Milford Haven and around the headland

Day 71 – 21 March Neyland Summer’s day, which was fortunate as a coat was lost… New coat bought in Pembroke

Day 70  -20 March Angle Nicer day weatherwise and a camp out tonight

Day 69 – 19 March Buckspool Wettest day so far, ended in middle of nowhere

Day 68 -18 March: Tenby On to the Pembrokeshire Coast Path and an early finish first day in Tenby to wait for Andy

Day 67 – 17 March: Pendine A long, long day’s walking ending at 7pm!

Day 66 – 16 March: Carmarthen Up river for a night in a city. Back down river in the morning.

Day 65 – 15 March: Pembrey, Beyond Burry Port Back walking after the weekend break. Useful afternoon’s walking,

Day 64 – 14 March: DAY OFF

Day 63 – 13 March: DAY OFF

Day 62 – 12 March Gowerton Half day to allow time to get back to Cardiff for a weekend of celebrations

Day 61 – 11 March Llanmadoc Four days ahead of schedule! And stunning walking.

Day 60 – 10 March Three Cliff Bay Finally some proper coastal beaches, the Gower in stunning glory

Day 59 – 9 March Baglan Station, Port Talbot “Last stretch was serious chav/stabbing land”. Interesting walking today then. M4 thrown into the landscape too

Day 58 – 8 March Ogmore Three days ahead of schedule and hitting targets easily and in daylight for a change. Soup for tea!

Day 57 – 7 March Just past Barry Island very close to Cardiff Airport A half day of sorts, a cold day as well. 

Day 56 – 6 March Cardiff Nat’s birthday and a day off 🙂

Day 55 – 5 March: Cardiff Rescued a horse from a ditch, was vry dramatic with fire engines and the RSPCA. MEant late finish in Cardiff though

Day 54 – 4 March: Between Goldcliff and Uskmouth First day in Wales a frustrating one but making progress slowly

Day 53 – 3 March: Severn Services, Severn Bridge A long, long day on main roads and a half hour search for the M5 Avonmouth Bridge footpath. It won’t go down as a classic day

Day 52 – 2 March: Portishead, Bristol First sight of the Severn Bridge, ready for Aonmouth tomorrow

Day 51 – 1 March: Weston-Super-Mare Early finish after some more river walking. Least it was sunny.

Day 50 – 28 February: Brean Ahead of schedule and hit the 1000 miles!

Day 49 – 27 February: Near Stolford, Somerset Questionable signage on the Somerset Coast Path led to frustrating day

Day 48 – 26 February: Minehead End of the SW Coast Path! 23 miles in 7 and a half hours to end.

Day 47 – 25 February: Lynton Picturesque day through Exmoor national Park. Tomorrow is last day on the SW coast path.

Day 46 – 24 February: Combe Martin Better walking today, as was on the coast again and away from inland rivers!

Day 45 – 23 February: Just short of Putsborough A free pint in the afternoon and a wet day’s walking. Shelter for the night.

Day 44 – 22 February: Between Ashford and Chivenor Dave Manna has joined for the week and unfortunately he got quite a boring first day through Barnstable. Nearly two days ahead of schedule now tho!

Day 43 – 21 February: Westward Ho! Met with Dave from Uni

Day 42 – 20 February: Hartland Quay, Cornwall BAck to finishing in the dark

Day 41 – 19 February: Widemouth, Cornwall “Hardest day yet”. Pretty up and down, then.

Day 40 – 18 February: Tintagel No King Arthur but plenty of rain and mud

Day 39 – 17 February: Rock, Cornwall Opted for a camel rather than a ferry today

Day 38 – 16 February: Trevose Head.And the rain came down, but there was a rainbow

Day 37 – 15 February: Holywell, Cornwall Eating up the coast without the bag. Schedule is being outstripped! Seals this morning too

Day 36 – 14 February: Godrevy Head Moved ahead of schedule today, life without a pack was better

Day 35 – 13 February: Zennor Joined by the parents for the start of a week’s walking

Day 34 – 12 February: Sennan Cove Through Land’s end and on

Day 33 – 11 February: About 1 mile from Lamorna Cove Through Penzance and on the way to Land’s End tomorrow

Day 32 – 10 February: Porthleven Lizard Point passed. That’s as south as Nat gets.

Day 31 – 9 February: Cadgwith Nice walk finishing in the dark and Lizard Point tomorrow!

Day 30 – 8 February: Near St Martin Finished about here (Nat’s new iphone trick)

Day 29 – 7 February: Falmouth Walked up to King Harry to cross, and then down into Falmouth

Day 28 – 6 February: Bohortha, Cornwall Sunny day, great views in the evening

Day 27 – 5 February: East Portholland Rainy but kept on track supplied with gas and food from yesterday

Day 26 – 4 February: St Austell Inland to find food and camping gear (gas mainly) and to dry off

Day 25 – 3 February: A few miles before Polruan Very wet, very windy, not much fun.

Day 24 – 2 February: Downderry, Cornwall Crossed the border into Cornwall, and finsihed in the dark once more

Day 23 – 1 February: Stonehouse, Plymouth A return to a city!

Day 22 – 31 January: Newton Ferrers Big detour after a freezing night

Day 21 – 30 January: Ermemouth, south of Kingston Devon Bloody freezing evening

Day 20 – 29 January: Hope Cove Chased by Dartmouth Ponies…

Day 19 – 28 January: East Charleton, Devon No boat for the estuary so it was a walk inland

Day 18 – 27 January: Hallsands, Devon The day started with a paddle across the River Dart and ended in a tent on the beach. Or near the beach.

Day 17 – 26 January: Near Kingswear Walked along the cliffs towards Dartmouth, camping under the trees

Day 16 – 25 January: Torquay Another day ending in the dark…

Day 15 – 24 January: Exmouth, Devon Made it to the estuary ready to start at Star Cross tomorrow. Joined by Jon and Jade for the epic climb and fall to Sidmouth. Finished in the dark at Exmouth at 7pm. Train to stay at Tom Groom’s. Thanks to Jade’s mum for washing all the clothes, including the gloves!

Day 14 – 23 January: Beer, Devon Over the cliffs from Charmouth

Day 13 – 22 January: Charmouth Came down Golden Cap in the dark. 5.30 finish!

Day 12 – 21st January: Abbostbury, Chesil Beach This beach is inhuman. A test of mental strength. Epic day’s walking in terms of distance.

Day 11 – 20th January: The Bridge onto Portland, Weymouth Up and down all morning, along the beaches in the afternoon

Day 10 – 19th January: Lulworth Cove The MOD is not Nat’s friend. 15-mile detour around the rifle range. Many thanks to The Castle Inn though for a discount room for the night. And a nice bath.

Day 9 – 18 January: Kingston, Dorset Tough day’s walking up and down the cliffs. Woke up to mist. Little phone signal. Camped in cow field near Kingston, Dorset.

Day 8 – 17 January: Old Harry’s Rocks, nr Studland Ahead of schedule, hit the south-west coast path, so 690 miles to Minehead! And first night’s camping on the cliffs. Wake up to this in the morning

Day 7 – 16 January: Wareham Wet. Trudged through a field

Day 6 – 15 January: Shore Road, Bournemouth Spotted as the “man off the telly”. And walked all day on the coast at last

Day 5 –  14 January: Highcliffe, Dorset Crossed the boundary line to Dorset and hit the first 100 mile mark.

Day 4 –  13 January: Buckler’s Hard A dead end set back, but destination reached on time and in tact

Day 3 –  12 January: Hythe Marina Southampton Docks were the day’s companion

Day 2 –  11 January: Sarisbury Arrived at around 4.30pm in the dark. Second day is always hardest.

Day 1 –  10 January: Fareham Set off 9.45 aiming for Fareham. The snow was melting but there was still lots of it and the pavements were icy. Successfully completed 18 miles. Afternoon was “very pretty”



  1. You are an inspiration! I am walking the coast also but in sections as and when I can, mainly for inspiration for my art. Liverpool to Blackpool so far..a long way to go yet..wondered how you coped in storms and snow last year? did you set up camp and sit it out or walk through it? Hope your busy writing your book? Well done dude!
    (near Thurstaston shore, Wirral)
    Did you check out Hilbre Island?…awesome place!

    • Thankyou very much Julia. Sorry for the late reply, I don’t get check the site as often as i should. As for snow, i managed to avoid any proper snow storms. There was a lot on the ground when i left but i only had one little shower whilst walking after that so it turned out to be perfect timing. Then i was back before it got too cold again.
      The book progress is going slowly but at ltast it’s still going!
      No I didn’t see Hilbre, i think the tide must have been in

  2. wow Nat, just checked in on googles street map so to follow the gorgeous scenery that you are travelling, thats if you are following the B8083. Keep it up Nat. God Bless. Jeff

  3. Hi Nat.Looks like you are really motoring now. I notice that you are near to Girvan wher I stayed last year to watch the Golf Open, and you should be hitting Turnbury very very soon. Great coastline around those parts. You have the delights of Glasgow to look forward to.

  4. Hi Nat.
    Looks like you are really motoring now. I notice that you are near to Girvan wher I stayed last year to watch the Golf Open, and you should be hitting Turnbury very very soon. Great coastline around those parts. You have the delights of Glasgow to look forward to.

    Best foot forward.

    Mike and Jan

  5. Amazing! Is it 10 weeks already? Well done. We are proud of your determination and perseverence. Incredible when you drive the distances. Miss you though. Love you lots Mumx

  6. Heard you on radio cornwall yesterday evening. Think it’s great, and very brave, what you’re doing! Good luck, and I’ll be following your blog from now on! Hope you raise loads of money.

  7. Keep going ! you are doing so well 🙂
    love megs x

  8. Congratulations on completing first 100 miles Nat. The next should be a little easier now your able to pace yourself.

  9. Just wanted you to know that the teacher customer of ours is going to tell the whole school,tomorrow morning in assembly,about you & your walk.

  10. Nat!! Hope all is going well in Bucklers Hard (wherever that is!). thinking of you lots! hope its not toooooooo cold. ! xxx

  11. Great posts Nat its really good following your journey in detail. Once You’ve got the to end of the first week I’m sure the days will be flying by, your doing pretty well as that bag is bloody heavy! Keep up the good work matey. Andy x

  12. Keep going love,Paul & I are so proud of you,you’re doing

  13. Must admit we are tucked up in bed, snug and warm, reading your blog – but thinking of you and wondering how today went.

  14. Not quite sure who gave you the wander lust but you are sure doing it the tough way. Congratulations we’ll be following your daily reports. Love you lots. Grand ma & Grandad.XX

  15. Well done Nat. Sites will become ‘prettier’ when you get upto God’s own country.
    Good luck – keep warm.
    Hope to get a sighting when you are nearer to N. Yorks.
    Take care
    Love, WAlter, Jacqueline and Family.

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