Nat’s Photos

Photos taken by Nat on his journey around the coast of Great Britain, shown in ascending date order.

For Nat’s YouTube video channel, click here

Click on each image to enlarge them.


  1. In the summer of 2010 I met Nat Severs at Kames, Kyles of Bute and he told me he was walking the coast. A few hours later I met him again near Millhouse (after he had walked round the Ardlamont peninsula). I said to him “So you really have gone round the coast without any shortcuts, have you walked right round Loch Long?”. Yes he had.
    I took 2 photo’s of him but failed to post them on facebook, and then lost them when my computer was stolen. I was prompted to look up Nat’s Big Walk when I heard an interview with Chris McCullough Young on Radio Scotland today.

  2. Love the pictures. Is it wrong that I laugh hysterically at each one of your animal encounters? Probably, but I look forward to continued livestock run-in updates.

    Best of luck on your journey.


  3. Hi Nat,
    Just catching up with your news and we are full of admiration for your continuing efforts. Our friend who works for the stroke association was here with us this evening and heard all about amazing Nat!
    Well done, hope Scotland is kind to you and keep going.
    Judith & Simon – Redhill, Somerset (near Weston Super Mare)

  4. Hope the weathers better now, it was certainly a foul day on sunday when we left the carbost bunkhouse in our warm dry car! we were thinking of you on foot… jean

  5. Have been dipping into your amazing blog for some months, Nat. Reading about your adventures makes me want to get out there again. In spite of the discomforts, you gather new experiences and memories every day. Life will never be quite the same again.

  6. You are our bedtime reading Nat!! Keep up the good work – we are enjoying following your route. xx

  7. Nat, you are a genius! x

  8. Loving the photo’s Nat – especially the fallen down bridge and flooded crossing! Some great views which i’m sure help when your feet are hurting! Looks like you’re making great progress – keep it up!


  9. Great photos; loved the ‘path’ day 13 slide 8; great waterfall day 10; whatever did happen to the Harry Rocks?
    Have a better understanding of the nature of the sliding, skating, path finding etc. Lovely night shots, who took all the pictures of you?
    Love dad x

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