UPDATE: Nat finished his walk on 5 November 2010


My name is Nathaniel Severs, I am 24 years old and in 2010, I am walking the entire coastline of mainland Britain (7,000 miles – further than walking from London to Beijing) for three great charities.

I set out from Portsmouth on 10 January accompanied only by a large rucksack carrying my tent and kit. I camp most nights but am open to offers for accomodation! The entire journey will be completed using leg power and if there is a bridge, I will be crossing it (so Anglesey and the Isle of Skye will both be on the agenda). I will stay true to the coastline at all times, so if there is a ferry across a river (the River Dart, for example) that is not classed as coastline, then I will allow myself to take a ferry if one is available. But a ferry cannot be used at any other time. I aim to be home by Christmas!

Keep up to date with my progress on my twitter feed (@nomads_land), which can be seen on the right, the Progress page above, and also through my blog posts, which will turn up on the Blog page, also above.

The key to the whole trip though is the charities. So please do sponsor anything you can using the links on the right-hand side of this page or the links below:

The Stroke Association
The Mammal Society
Southampton Hospital Paediatric Physiotherapy Department

Please feel free to leave comments, advice, tips or anything else on this website. I will look forward to reading and the support will no doubt spur me on through the tougher days.

For press enquiries, please use the email tab on the right.



  1. Hi

    I came across your post about our Trillo’s of Whitby Gothic ice cream. Thank you for giving it a 9/10!
    Good luck with your travels.
    Would you mind if I used your photo for our Facebook and Twitter?

    Many thanks


    • Hi Lucy, I don’t get on here very often, so sorry for not replying. That is fine though, and your welcome for the 9/10

  2. Great adventure…and the blog is an inspiration for starters like me

    • Thanks Braze

  3. came across your website looking for images of retro sweets bizarrely! Saw you eating an ice-cream in a very familiar place with my childhood home in the background!! – The best ice-cream in the world from Nichols Ice-Cream shop in Parkgate, Cheshire. It is a beautiful place and fabulous ice-cream.
    Its been 3 years since you did your brave trip it seems. I hope it went well and you managed to raise lots of dosh for your good causes.

  4. I’ve just come across this website – well done!
    My walks are rather shorter in comparison – the whole Essex Coast and the 43 tidal islands that can be walked do from the mainland of England, Wales & Scotland.
    You might be interested in my books about these walks – Essex Coast Walk & No Boat Required – Exploring Tidal Islands.

  5. Hi Nat, what an amazing adventure and well done! I am walking round the coastline too – but at a much slower pace than you. Interesting to read your account of the same walks.
    If you are interested, my blog is here: http://ruthl.wordpress.com
    Have added you to my blog roll 🙂

  6. well done on your adventure mate awesome stuff, just a question i have! is there actually a coat path that goes all the way around? or did you have to go threw fields and other roads ect?

    • Hey Ben. Thanks very much. No there isn’t a coast path all the way around. There’s several dotted about, the biggest being the south west coast path, the rest of the time, there are a fair few paths on the coast between places or you have to fnd your own way by road, fields and whatever else. In Scotland you have the right to roam so aren’t ever technichally tresspassing but hat doesn’t necessarily mean its any easier to stick to the coast.

  7. Amazing achievement Nat! I’ll be trawling through your posts before i set off in February! Just the thing i need to keep me on track 🙂

  8. Well done Nat on completing your amazing trek around Britain’s coast! Sorry we couldn’t be there to see you finish but looking forward to hearing about the final stage of your journey.

  9. Well done !!

  10. Brilliant to see you romp home in Southsea this evening. Full of admiration. Shame that there was no TV or National papers there to record the tremendous achievement but there you are, the more important things like ‘Wayne Rooney spills nail varnish on his cat’ take precedence.

    Mongo impressed ( Blazing Saddles )

    • Brilliant achievement and I echo Mike Grooms comment regarding lack of media coverage of the finish…shocking.

      It’s been fun following you round Nat and I’m full of admiration. Well done!!

  11. Wow, I’ve just seen Jen’s post about you, well done and good luck for the rest of the adventure 🙂
    Blessings and love
    Helen x

  12. Cracking idea and adventure for worthy causes. I’ll pop shout on pininit.com

    Good luck!

  13. Hi Nat,

    good to hear your doing well, I also walked the Path back in 1996-7, enjoy it mate, every year that passes after, you will remeber what you did on that date…. try and get to the Orkneys, very nice people, although, everyone is around the coast that I met also.

  14. Hi Nat,

    was put onto your site by a friend who mentioned you, unfortunately i’ve little money to contribute but if its ok with you I’ll sort a few nice links to this site for you (and your just giving page(s) if you have them?)

    Best of luck

    Just Dugg & tweeted you 😉

    • Super, thanks Andy! Just giving pages all linked to on the home page 🙂

  15. hi mate

    ex cowplain man here now living in north east

    just trying to work out your progress at the mo
    if you need ANY help from northumberland coast down then dont hesitate to contact me
    you have actually beat me to my dream and ya half my age well done

    mob 07793752128

    • Thanks Phil,

      Nat will be in touch soon!

  16. Hi Nat, looks like your doing really well, proud of people like yourself. I know you have family in scarborough, however they is a stop here in scarborough if you wish or need. I keeps an update on Sue and pauls practice missions (so funny) they moan because they can’t stick the taxi to their buts to walk the scarborough stretch of the coastal paths with you. Good Luck Nat

  17. Just follow the new Loch Ryan Coastal Path from Stranraer then meet the Ayrshire Coast Path at Glennap church or you will end up walking on the A77

  18. I drove past you yesterday as you were approaching Wigtown. I did wave though.

  19. Good luck mate your an insperation I’ll be following u all the way Karl

  20. hi, still in Wirral? I’m making similar journey to you and in Wirral at mo. Love to catch up. Cheers Simon 

    • In Liverpool for the day today, made it voer yesterday evening late!

  21. Does nat know when he will be in Liverpool? I can’t quite tell from the schedule.

    • At the moment we are roughly looking at the 17 April, but that could change! I’ll make sure Nat let’s you know when he has a better idea. Cheers! Jon

      • Any idea what time and where nat is departing from on Thursday am?
        Keep going Nat!!

      • He has having a day off in Liverpool tomorrow. Will be setting off again Friday!

    • Liver Building Mersey Ferry port at around 9.45-10 Friday morning 🙂

  22. Saw nat walking twice on Lleyn peninsula over easter weekend. had a chat during lunch time at aberdaron (having a sandwich).
    I couldn’t lift his rucksack it was so heavy.

    Rachel aged 8

  23. Enjoying your tweets and blog. Well done.

  24. Thanks from RSPCA Cymru for your heroic work with the horse near Newport. Keep on trucking! Gethin Russell-Jones

  25. Best wishes Nat. Stay in touch. We’ve shifted the article of the Devon leg over to http://www.iwalkiwrite.com and it’s been having thousands of views so hopefully generating lots of support.

    Let’s run something for the Welsh coastline stretch on iwalkiwrite for you.

    Speak soon.

    Luke & Alex 🙂

  26. Hey Nat, Now, today you have a fantastic stretch of coast line to walk as you head towards Porlock. Hope the weather is reasonable. How many of those EGGS have you eaten so far….been sick yet?

  27. love reading your blog and updates :))
    you are doing really good, you must be absolutely freezing though !

  28. You are awesome. I walked the south west coast path last June and it was so fun so i know you’re gonna have an amazing time. take care Nat!

  29. Thank you for the Twitter follow and ‘Good Luck’!

  30. Good luck Nat, think you will raise a great deal more. Love the English countryside and enjoyed my cycle of the UK a few years ago and can remember what some of the nights will be like in a small tent. I’ll be keeping track, here’s hoping for a warm summer (spring and autumn!)

  31. Hey, just got back from a taxi ride and your aunt told me about this, it sounds awsome!
    welldone and keep going!!!!

  32. Good Luck Nat!

    Your aunt was telling my friends and I about your journey, good luck and be safe!!

    From University of Hull Scarborough Campus Students

  33. Some really nice photos already. Especially like the sunset on day 13. Hope its still going well for you and your feet are getting into the swing of things so to speak.

  34. Brilliant photos. Gave me a lot of insight into the phone messages.

  35. hiya nat lovely talking to you on txt!
    you are doing soooooooooooo well!
    keep going xxx
    love you
    from rosie xxx

  36. Well done Nat, horrible walk along those pebbles. I remember doing it with you and the gang when we did that part of the coast. Only we did it in the other direction. You should be able to get some good fish and chips at West Bay….just before you ascend Golden Cap. Good Luck tomorrow the weather looks better.

  37. Good luck on your exciting adventure Nat!

    We’ll be following your progress with great interest.

    From everybody here at Cardiff University.

  38. Thanks for the twitter follow, will keep checking on your progress.

  39. Many years ago my Dad was coroners officer and had to deal with a case of a lady who’d walked the whole of the coast, got to the end and fell off a cliff. The coroner had to assess whether it was suicide. This is a true story, so be careful especially towards the end!!!!

    Good luck

  40. well done Nat!!! hope you enjoy your trip grandad e-mailed us ur blog and we have been on it every day!!!
    have fun – we are all missing you loads!
    luv rosie xxxxx 🙂

  41. Good luck Nat ! ! You’ll be brilliant 🙂 Stay warm . . .
    megs x
    (your cousin)

  42. Hey Nat – just wanted to wish you lots of luck and hope you raise lots of money – brave lady, proud of you! 🙂

    Seren xxx

  43. You’re so brave(or daft) but Paul & I are so proud of you. Keep going love, stay as walm as you can & stay safe.xxx

  44. Good luck Nat! i have been busy promoting your adventure on this side of the pond! your such a great mate and i wish you the best of luck. just be careful of those welsh ladies, yeah…? 🙂 see you soon!

  45. what an excellent thing to do. Well done. We’d be pleased to offer you shelter when you get to Hastings.

  46. Wishing you all the best on your amazing adventure Nat.
    We are hoping to follow your route with the
    year 5s at school. As an ex-St Peter’s pupil you will no doubt be an inspiration to them and they might even learn something of the geography of this land!
    Good luck and stay warm.


  47. Hi Nat,
    The weather forecast isn’t looking too good, it’s cold enough at night camping in the summer.
    Can you please send me the cards you’ve made up via email. I can print them up myself and hand them out to my passengers if they seem interested.
    The very best of luck.

  48. Good luck Nat! We’ll be keeping everyone up to date with your progress on our website too.

    The Mammal Society

  49. You’ve totally lost it, haven’t you Nat?

  50. All the best on this adventure Nat, you are more than welcome to spend a night with us in Bude, you will need a good rest here because the next 15 miles north are some of the hardest you will have to do. The guide book states that this bit is “STRENUOUS”
    Regards Phil and ALison

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