Posted by: natsevs | November 16, 2010

Scarborough to Weeton

The thunder storms continued through the night and I woke to a miserable morning although the weather forecast said the rain should let up at least. Me and Sue went to a café (Teasmaid) for a cooked breakfast, Paul wasn’t feeling up to it, where the owner was quite a character. I was dropped back off at Sandsend with the rain still coming down and a serious wind going. I was getting battered as I made my way along marine drive around North Bay then right through town past the fair and all the amusements. I went along the beach for a bit before coming up to the top above the spa. There was a group of people out walking that I had to get past before I got to Osgodby where the path had fallen to the sea. One garden had the corner of its fence sticking right out with no ground beneath it. I had to come in onto the road for a short stint but was back out again before reaching Clayton. On the way out of there was a headland to get round before going onwards to get to Filey Brig and round that to Filey itself. I went down some steps to meet a slipway onto the beach and walked along in front of the town.

After a while I was forced off the beach at Reighton Moor, having to come up onto the cliffs once more and come inland a bit now passing a holiday village. There was a path to start with but then I made my way across fields and a large open space where they were building a new golf course. After a maze of gorse bushes where I was spiked quite a few times I got onto the cliff top path going out and round Flamborough Head. The wind was still ridiculous, causing huge waves to batter the cliffs with spray coming right up to where I was walking on top. At Bempton cliffs there were loads of RSPB platforms for viewing the sea birds but unfortunately the puffins had already moved on again.

The point of Flamborough head came into view and it looked very rough down there and still quite far. I got down to those lower cliffs and there was a diversion inland because of path erosion but I decided to ignore it. I came to a gully with steps down to a broken bridge but I could jump over the little stream at the bottom so there was no problem. The steps back out had mostly disappeared in a mudslide so getting up was a tiny bit messier but it wasn’t exactly steep. Once back up, the path wound in and out with the cliff edge and out at sea I saw a block of rain heading towards me. In no time it had arrived and I was getting absolutely soaked. I arrived at the lighthouse and the signal station was making some very strange noises. The rain thankfully stopped soon and I made my way along the south cliffs taking longer than expected. The sea here was completely flat thanks to being sheltered from the wind by the headland. I made it to South Landing on the coast out from Flamborough itself to be picked up, after taking lots of nice sunset pictures.           

I was all packed up in the morning ready to be reunited with my full rucksack after over a week of walking with just a day sack. Paul drove me back out to South Landing and I was on my way around half 9 with the bag feeling really heavy, particularly as the first thing I had to do was go up a steep slope. The cliff top path went down and up a few dips before I got to one dip that went right down to the beach, allowing me to get onto it and over to Bridlington down there. The beach was covered in white pebbles and boulders from the cliffs. Once at Bridlington I came up to the promenade and walked the front past the harbour and out again down on the beach. I was on the beach for quite a while and there was still a fair wind and showers going again. It was all sandy to start but was soon getting rockier with low clay cliffs rising up behind. It was a dull stretch but there were a few people about walking dogs and stuff.

Further on the tide started coming in but there was still enough room to walk below the cliffs. I got to Hornsea at about 3pm and had to come up onto the promenade to get through, then at the other end I attempted to go back onto the beach but it was obvious that wasn’t going to be an option. I climbed up the clay to a caravan park and out onto fields. There was no proper path but there did seem to be a track along the edge through fields and in front of a firing range towards Mappleton. I was on the road from there because of the tide being right in and a big MOD area blocking off any countryside route. There were a few showers before I reached Aldbrough where I grabbed some food for breakfast before continuing out still on the road. I was hoping for a camp spot early out of there but as it was I walked another hour before finding one. It was all ploughed fields with houses overlooking them, I investigated one only to be disappointed then come up to a ditch. I tried to get over that and ended stuck in it then got stung a lot by nettles coming back out the way I came. Once I’d retreated back to where I got into the field I carried on down the road in fairly heavy rain now and the wind picking up. I did find a spot soon after with a bit of shelter even if the soil was quite loose.


The hedges stopped the wind effectively even though it picked up quite a lot through the night. As I set off in the morning it was another miserable day. It was dark and windy and rain showers were soon to come. I was on the roads again and therefore never going in a straight line but being forced to go in a big zigzag instead. I finally got onto one going out to the cliffs where the map showed a track going along the edge set back a little bit. When I arrived, it wasn’t set back any more, in fact most of it had disappeared below and been washed away. I made my way along though to meet an equally eroded path before a road popped up heading into a holiday park. The cliff height dropped and I was able to get on the beach there which I walked on all the way to Withernsea. I got my lunch in the high street there from some bargain shop then got back to the front and along the promenade to another holiday park. A path was meant to lead to and through the park but it was fenced off so instead I made my way in front of it with cliff on the other side. There were loads of caravan foundations and pipes hanging out over the cliff edge where yet more erosion had been happening. The fence wasn’t even secured most of the way because it had obviously needed to be moved inwards so much. That was lucky for me because it soon got to the point where I didn’t feel safe on that side, with less and less room to walk and I was able to get over the fence fairly easily.

I walked through the park to the road out to Newton then there was supposed to be a path through a wind farm over to a gas terminal. The path had been ploughed over but I followed where the map showed it to be and walked directly under a few of the turbines. They are absolutely huge when you’re stood under one and the blades look like they are about to take your head off even though they are miles clear of the ground. A bridleway went around the edge of the gas terminal to Easington and then I had a very long and dull road to Kilnsea. Just as I was approaching the visitor centre there the bus down to Spurn head drove past me. The centre was a café with leaflets on a wall and no-one took any notice of me as I waited to ask about the bus. Despite being ignored, I found a bus timetable on the wall and found that the bus that had passed was the 3.12pm one. It was 3.11pm. Apparently that didn’t mean it was going to wait until the time it was due before it set off because it was long gone even when I arrived.

The trip down to the head was 4 miles making an 8 mile round trip and the next bus wasn’t for over 2 hours so I’d either had to do the 8 miles or have a long wait at the point. There was no chance, I walked down to where the main road ends and looped round to make my way back up the way I came. I realised I also needed water so stopped at the pub but the sign on the door described me perfectly as the sort of person they wouldn’t like to enter so I doubted very much whether it would be worth me even asking for some tap water. Out past a closed hotel I got onto a sea wall and was on that for the rest of the day. At about 5pm I found a spot below the bank with another one over a ditch blocking the wind. Unfortunately once I was sorted the wind changed so I grabbed everything up and walked on further in the hope of a decent nights sleep. A mile or so further on there was a spot with seemingly decent shelter and flat spots were becoming scarcer so I made my second camp there. With only 0.5litres of water I had to forgo the noodles and just have hot cross buns for tea.



  1. Lovely photos!

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