Posted by: natsevs | October 14, 2010

Craigiemore to Inverness

It rained most of the night and carried on into the morning, but thankfully I didnt have very far to go at all. As I packed away I was hoping it would brighten up but by 10 I had to just get going and deal with the wetness. I started off along the road and then there was meant to be a path down the hill and through some woods which I couldn’t see. I made my way through as best as I could avoid the denser spots of bracken. A track soon appeared even if not where it should have been.

I met the road which then stopped and there was a path round to Kessock where the bridge goes over to Inverness. The sun had come out now so I took off my waterproofs along the path. Once in Kessock I had to go inwards a fair bit in order to get up to the bridge but then I was making my way over. On the other side, I had to walk through an industrial estate before reaching the more pleasant shopping bit.

The hostel i’d booked was right by the shopping centre so easy to find. Once booked in I headed out to get my roll mat exchanged for one that stayed inflated and more importantly, to find lunch. I also took advantage of the shops to replace my broken flip flops. There were a load of people working for a charity staying at the hostel and I ended up chatting to them in the evening. We all headed to bed when a very drunk and slightly scented old guy turned up, obviously waiting to get onto the sofa to sleep it off.

The guy was still in the chair in the morning when I was having my breakfast. I was getting the overnight bus down to London then a train onwards so I had all day to waste. The hostel let me leave my bag there and I used the day the only way I know how now. I walked to Loch Ness and back.

It didn’t look far on the map but turns out it’s 8 miles from Inverness. It was raining on and off all day too so that wasn’t great. Loch Ness from where I stopped wasn’t that much to look at but at least I’ve been now. Once back I wasted time and had food before getting on the 7pm bus. I had my own seat to start but had to swap buses in Perth and the new one was packed. From Glasgow onwards I had 2 guys in front of me going on about what cars they might see in London whilst the girl next to me kept headbutting my shoulder pretty hard. I had 2 hours sleep at most. The sunrise was pretty though.

I briefly met my brother at Victoria Station to get my train ticket from him. I got home about half 10 so it had been quite a long journey. The day was written off as I lazed about recovering although I did fit in a shave and a haircut.

My time at home was spent seeing friends in the 2 days either side of my brother’s wedding in London. I was relieved I could have a proper drink without being destroyed at the reception and so had a very good evening. The bus back to Inverness was on tuesday night but I was treated to a cheap flight by my parents the following morning instead.


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