Posted by: natsevs | May 17, 2010

Powfoot to Rockcliffe

In the last blog, I forgot to mention the view in the evening from the campsite in Powfoot. It was quite impressive with the sun setting behind the mountain on the far headland. However, in the morning everything was slightly damp from the dew and there was fresh mown grass everywhere, resulting in my tent being covered in the stuff.

I left along the cycle track, which went along the coast then inland next to a field holding Emus and Alpacas. The roads ran parallel to the coast from there until having to come in at Ruthwell because of a river. The B road running next to the river seemed very long, but I eventually hit Bank End and started to head back out towards the sea.

As I neared the coast I passed by Cavaerlock Castle. It looked like it might be interesting, but not enough for me to take a detour. Once on the coast, I stopped in a car park to eat my lunch at a picnic table in the sunshine. The road and my route then took me along the shore of the river up to Dumfries. I passed through some nice villages, but the walking had been fairly boring all day.

About halfway up the road it started raining, but I figured it wouldn’t last, it had been so sunny earlier after all. I was right and more or less out walked it. For about five minutes. Then it really started raining, my trousers were already soaked but I did put on my coat and bag cover whilst hiding against a house. As I walked along the road barely seeing past the wall of water, a postie drove by and offered me a lift but I had to decline.

I got into Dumfries at around 3pm and was pleasantly surprised because it’s quite a nice town. The rain had stopped by this point and I was beginning to dry out a bit. I nipped into a supermarket then headed towards where Google told me the travelodge was. My parents, brother and his girlfriend were coming up the following day so I was getting it paid for me. As I walked out of town in the wrong direction the rain started again. The Travelodge also looked a lot like somebody’s house. After a brief panic about being stuck in Dumfries in the rain I found out where it actually was and continued out of town for about another mile. I got there at around 5pm and settled in for the night.

The pack of choc chip brioche I’d bought for breakfast and lunch was demolished in the morning, then I headed out with a seriously lightened bag. I was staying in the room for two more nights so I left some stuff there even though the room had a broken window. After backtracking from last night’s journey out of town, I made my way through to the other side of Dumfries and got onto the road I would be on almost all day. My family arrived around 12 and I waited for them in new abbey. A place with a very OLD abbey.

When they arrived we had lunch at one of the pubs there then I carried on down towards Southerness, whilst they drove there then explored a bit in the car. Just beyond Overton the road nears the coast and the view out is fairly impressive. I came off the main road at Kirkbean and was able to spend the last of the day not avoiding being run over. I went parallel to the coast for a bit then onto footpath and dirt road, which took me passed the burthplace of John Paul Jones (not THAT John Paul Jones, but this one). When I came across another road I took it to the shore then crossed fields over towards Southerness. I finished right on the point, was picked up, then we headed back to Dumfries. In the evening we went to a really nice curry house where I had a tasty lamb biryani. Can’t beat a good curry. I also shaved off three month’s beard growth…

I ended up watching rubbish TV until around 1am which was stupid but still woke up fairly early. After breakfast I gave my clothes a good wash in the bath tub and sorted out a lot of my stuff. I had decided I needed to streamline my gear even further to make way for more food for when it got more remote. Me and my dad then walked from Southerness to Sandyhills along the roads yet again. It wasn’t too bad though as there was some quite good scenery at times and it went quicker with company.

At Sandyhills we were able to get onto a coastal footpath that would take us to Rockcliffe, but not before nipping into the shop for snacks. I tried drop scones but was unimpressed. Welshcakes have definitely won that competition. The others had walked towards us from Rockcliffe along the path and we met them on the clifftop not long after Sandyhills.

After a spot of lunch up there we all headed along the path. The walk over the cliffs was a really welcome change and the scenery around Rockcliffe was awesome. Apparently they had been carrying Allie, the dog, over all of the stone walls but now she was jumping them with uncharacteristic agility.

That evening we ate at the pub by the nearby premier inn. My meal was fine but the others weren’t quite as lucky and then came desert. I ended up having a sharing Sunday to myself, which would possibly have been fine if it hadn’t been loaded with the most sickly sauce and sooo many chocolate chunks. I struggled through though and ate most of it. A serious error matched only by Jade eating an entire cheese platter by herself. I couldn’t sleep for ages I was so full.



  1. Hi, I just discovered your blog today. What an amazing trip! I got married in Caerlaverock Castle a few years ago. It’s very nice but I can definitely sympathise with a reluctance to take a detour! I will continue to follow your trip with interest!

  2. ugggh cheese dreams. Well if you had SHARED the SHARING sundae then the ridiculous food scenario wouldn’t have occurred…

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