Posted by: natsevs | May 12, 2010

Kirkby to Allonby

I got up in the hostel in Kirkby and had warm hot cross buns for breakfast, finally. With some nutella in obviously. Despite having to completely re-pack my bag, I was on my way by 9:45 and heading up the roads towards Broughton.

The road didn’t have much room for me and a lorry at points but made it to the bridge. Over the bridge, I was on the main road still for a while before heading down a country lane to Ladyhall. The footpath sign was hidden in a bush so it took a while to find, but I managed to get on track over the fields to the coast.

It was quite good walking along the sea wall, but I had to come off after a while and cross the railway. Later on, I was able to cross back over and head to the sea wall again. Except I headed back at the wrong point and had to crawl through the hedge at the other side of the field in order to get on the path again.

I came into Millam and along a less than pleasant stretch of path. Once round the corner, though, I could walk around the marine lake there to Haverigg. From Haverigg, I did a fair bit of beach walking in the sunshine, which was really enjoyable, finally heading north properly now after a long while of going sideways. It was hot enough to melt my chocolate now, so had to eat a lot of it there and then. I came off the beach and along the top at Gutterby and the views were great. I camped in a place called Hyton Marsh once back down to sea level and watched the sun go down whilst enjoying the last of my chocolate.

The night wasn’t the most peaceful as it rained quite heavily from 4 until 7ish. Luckily, when I got up at 8, it had stopped for a bit. I started off along the top of the cliffs then down to the beach once more. The weather was horrible and the beaches were covered with rubbish so altogether it was bleak.

Next up was road next to a firing range, not much of an improvement. At the end of the road was a ford I was hoping to cross, but unfortunately the tide was right in and the weather wasn’t going to help me dry out quickly. The rail bridge did look walkable, but would probably be too much of a risk I decided. So I had to walk all the way up and down the river.

On the way back out to the coast on the other side, there was a sign saying the path was closed due to a dangerous bridge. I wasn’t about to go more out of my way though so carried on. The bridge was fine and slightly unnecessary anyway as it was only over a stream.

From Ravenglass, it was over another bridge and along to Drigg before the road to Seascale. I got some proper supplies there and went along the beach then over the railway to walk next to Sellafield Nuclear Plant. Lovely.

Post Sellafield it was one long long beach and very hard going. There were loads of weird houses along the beach front. I walked along rocks, sand, and sea walls but mostly pebbles. The mist came in as I neared St Bees. When I arrived there I realised I had lost my hat. Second one so far! Very unhappy about this. I stayed in a B&B and had a giant Yorkshire pud for tea in a local pub.

I had a very generous breakfast then packed up and left. I had to take the two-mile round trip to get money out to pay, which was slightly annoying. In the shop, there were dark mars bars again though, so at least I know they are definitely back. As I finally set off I spoke to a man who’s son is cycling the coast so chatted to him for a bit.

I went around the headland to Whitehaven via St Bees Head. There were a lot of coast to coast walkers around. Whitehaven (below) itself was a major chore, but mainly because of building work. It is pretty though and I did manage to get out.

It was along the railway on the coast to Porton then up a nice hill to Lowca along road for a while. I came off and along a path by a wind farm to Harrington and along the railway again from there. I was on the road along to Allonby in the hope of a shop, but it was all industrial estate until a Geggs turned up randomly in the middle of all the warehouses. I soon came across a supermarket after that, typically, so went in there as well and got supplies for the next few days.

The path was supposed to go over a rail bridge, but this was closed as it was in danger of falling down. So was road walking for ages before beach walking right next to the railway from Flimby. There wasn’t even a fence so they are obviously not worried about people getting on the tracks round here. From Maryport, it was promenade and road to Allonby and I made it there with my legs aching quite badly. Before heading to the campsite, I nipped into Twentymans for an ice cream on many people’s recommendation. The wall was floor to ceiling in sweets so I got some lemon bonbons and chocolate limes as well as my cookie ice cream. The sunset was absolutely awesome that evening although the wind was pretty cold for camping.


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