Posted by: natsevs | May 6, 2010

Warton to Far Arnside

I was woken up several times during my night in the Country and Western Park, but not by older people singing Willie Nelson. Some youngsters had set up camp near me and at 3am they were singing Disney songs at full volume. There is a time and a place for Disney and it’s not at 3am in a Country music campsite.

In the morning, there was a boot sale on site and when I got up just before 8 it was already in full swing. I set off by 8.45 in the mist. I reached Lytham quite soon and started walking along the promenade. The beach is the same boggy type thing that Southport enjoys. The boating lake at Fairhaven was quite nice and I was enjoying walking right by the sea.

After walking in between some dunes and the airfield, I arrived in Blackpool and walked by the Pleasure Beach. The big dipper was in full swing. The weather had cheered up a little and the town was quite busy with people wandering around. There was at least five hen and stag do’s already doing the rounds at 12 o’clock. I got some donuts to put off my hunger for a bit in the hope of spotting a good shop. Unfortunately, the sea front was purely hotels and chippies.

Out of Blackpool, but still on promenade, I found a shop in Bispham and got a late lunch. I managed to be in Fleetwood by 3.45pm so rang to check I could get into the B&B whilst sitting on the beach in the sun. I was able to, so I headed there and given I had plenty of time, washed my clothes in the shower. I had to make do with a Spar-bought tea as the supermarket was closed. Stupid Sundays. I was able to buy Jazzies though! Very exciting.

The ferry over from Fleetwood to Knot End wasn’t running until 12 so I got ready at a leisurely pace then set off to the supermarket for supplies.  Unfortuntely, I did this with slightly damp clothes as they had not dried overnight. The socks I was wearing were very damp, so I bought a new dry pair to see me through the day. Despite the timetable saying otherwise, the ferry was actually running from 11. I got the 11.30 one, which the younger of the operaters didn’t charge me for, very nice bloke.

From Knot End I walked along the sea wall before coming in at Pilling. On the road from Pilling, a police car passed me then five minutes later was coming back the other way and pulled up beside me. The guy asked where I was headed and I gave the honest answer of as far as I can get. Turns out he thought I was homeless and thought he had better check me out. I blame the Asda bag more than my appearance, but he wished me luck in the end.

I was soon back on a sea wall again for a bit until the marina at Glasson. Here I headed inland along a canal before heading up towards Lancaster on the road. I wasn’t going into Lancaster, however, because I had been offered a room in a 4-star hotel for only £25 just south of the city near the university. I just had to survive the road first. After being far too close to quite a few cars and in the bush at one point, a van driver decided to beep me. I offered him a few choice words, which he wouldn’t have heard going at 100mph, but thankfully after that I got onto nicer roads.

I headed into the Lancaster House Hotel and got surprisingly few funny looks, especially considering the earlier homeless remark. It was very plush and a perfect way to cebrate my 100th day walking, even if I couldn’t use the swimming pool for lack of appropriate attire. I ate over at the uni and went to the shop there as I doubted the meals in the hotel were within budget. I had a nice bath to make up for missing spa times and then watched tv and chilled for the rest of the night.

Breakfast was a buffet with anything you could want so I started with some cereal and made my way through the options. I headed down to reception all packed and sorted and met some journalists for an interview and photo thing then checked out. I was also given a free packed lunch so left very happy indeed. Walking out the manager drove up to me and had a chat and was a really nice guy.

The walking started with a trip up the A6 to Lancaster then over the river and in the direction of Morecambe on a cycle path before going down towards Overton on the roads. From there, I crossed over to the coast at Heysham and headed up again. The southern bit of Heysham isn’t very nice, but on the other side it was much better. I had my beef sandwiches at the ruins there trying to hide from the wind. I walked down to the beach and was then onto the promenade all the way into and through Morecambe. The most notable stop was the Eric Morecambe statue, there wasn’t much else to talk about although it was actually nicer than I has been led to believe.

When I reached Hest I went onto the foreshore and went along here all the way to Carnforth. It was quite muddy and squelchy at points. At Carnforth, I crossed over a river and then went along a road for a while before a second river crossing. After that I took a path around the headland to Silverdale. I was staying with my uncle’s sister Ruth and her family so I walked on from here until they arrived and so ended up finishing at Far Arnside.


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