Posted by: natsevs | April 27, 2010

Bangor to Flint

On Sunday 11 April I was dropped back off in Bangor by Tom with my bag back to full weight, but my clothes were clean at least thanks to Tom’s mum. I really wasn’t in a motivated mood, but was off by 10:30. An attempted walk through a park ended in a wall with a 10 or so foot drop the other side. I got down ok but dragging my bag down after me was more difficult. It was all pointless in the end as Penbryn park blocked me off and I had to make my way back up the road and inland quite a way.

I did make it back to the coast after the park and headed towards Llanfairfechan. I had already eaten all my snacks when I got there so the rest of the day was spent slightly peckish. I had the option of one of three routes for the next part of the day. The options were to go inland over mountains, on busy roads through tunnels with presumably no path or try to find a way around the edge of the headland. I chose the latter and continued on along the beach below the road and railway.

Beach soon became sea defences, then there was a works road for a bit. This also disappeared and I was walking along the edge of a sloping sea wall where I would have been screwed if the tide came in. It changed back to a works road type thing again underneath the arches of the road and rail. It got really tricky after that with a cliff and water right up to it so I was hopping over rocks to try to stay dry. Paddling did occur at times as well.

As I was rock hopping, I slipped and smacked my elbow on a nice rough boulder and also scraped my fore arm along the same rock. It really hurt and I did the whole check if it’s broken routine.I don’t think it was.

Gratefully, I hit Penmaenmawr beach, which was very long and flat. On the other side there was another mountain in the way, but the water was out and the beach flat enough to walk along it without any dramas. It was a really pretty beach with mountains on the one side (picture one) and views of the Great Orme on the other (picture two).

Getting to the bridge at Conwy from the beach took longer than expected. Finally, I made it there and passed by the smallest house in Britain before heading to my hostel via the pub and a pint with Twitter Roj. I managed to leave the pub just before Portsmouth won the FA cup semi final.

The hostel was very plush and I had a dorm to myself so was able to have a good relax. It was really sunny again in the morning and I set off over the bridge to Twyn. I the walked next to the railway through to Deganwy where i reached the promenade. More great views of the mountains reaching into the sea to my left. I was soon walking along the road going around the Great Orme. It was bigger than it looks and was quite hot work, but the scenery was great. When I reached Llandudno, I waited on the promenade to meet a photographer from the local newspaper before heading on. Llandudno was busy but that’s not surprising as it’s a lovely seaside town. I got myself an ice cream and then headed up the Little Orme.

Down from the Little Orme I came into Penrhyn Bay and along the front of Rhos-on-sea. Entering Colwyn Bay was pleasant walking, but coming out it got a little skanky. It was all cycle path, which was easy going, but through old industry for a large amount of the time.

From Abergele onwards there was a sea of caravans constantly on my right full of holidaymakers. I finally reached Rhyl and went along the parade up to the sky tower, then went into town to find a bus. I just missed the one I needed so ended up getting a taxi to the hospital where I met my friend Kate who’s on placement there. We ended up eating in the hospital canteen, which was ridiculously cheap, so may be looking out for hospitals from now on.

I managed to just catch the bus back to Rhyl, which was almost as expensive as the taxi. Before setting off, I nipped into a shop to stock up on snackage. I wanted to get some healthier stuff but the options weren’t great so it was the usual plus raisins. Oh and vegetable crisps, they’re healthy, right?

I was back on the cycle path again all the way to Prestatyn. Here I went along a dune footpath until it was blocked by a pond thing and I had to find my way to the beach around lots more ponds and rivers. Then I reached  a film of water to walk through before reaching a holiday park section. From here, I headed inwards along the road to a path along the railway and it was then coast road all the way from Ffynnongroyw. I was met at Greenfield by my friend Jen who took my bag off me and drove a bit further on along the road. Then she drove on again to Flint in order to cycle back and walk the remainder of the day with me. In the end, she only managed to walk the last mile or so as she had got her car stuck on a tree stump and had to rely on a good Samaritan to help her free it. Not without harming the car completely.

It’s a good job something interesting happened to her because the walking and, therefore, my day was really very boring. Finding a decent pub near Flint proved to be a challenge. If there is sign saying two courses for two people for £10 the likllelihood is the food will be rubbish. And it was, particularly the sticky toffee pudding which I really should not have eaten.


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