Posted by: natsevs | April 26, 2010

Holyhead to Bangor

At around 9:30am, Tom and I were dropped back off at the breakwater in Holyhead. From there, we walked through the town to the post office where I had to pick up a package from home. Maps and such like. As Morrisons was next door,we popped in there too. Unfortunately, I was a little peckish so bought too much. Tom headed home from there and I carried on towards the bridge loaded up with snacks.

A little further on, I stopped to put the food in my bag and ended up eating all four of the chocate donuts I had bought. I was soon at the bridge, via a flooded cycle path, and made my way over back onto Anglesey. Because the tide was out, I was able to avoid a bit of the ins and outs initially, but dud have to cross another river. I had arranged to meet with a photographer at Church Bay around 2pm and when he rang at quarter to I was still quite confident of making it.

Unfortunately, I was slightly wrong with my guess as to where I was and I had lost my hat. First things first, I dropped my bag and ran back to find my hat, desperate not to lose another one. I then really had to go for it to get to Church Bay and was still 10 minutes late. He was fine about it though and quite a nice bloke.

After that, I rounded the corner up on the cliffs to walk through a fairly remote stretch, which had some little coves and lots of sheep. One particular headland looked really close, but took ages to get to, but once past that I came down to a nature reserve.

It was like a mini chesil beach. There were signs saying no footpath but the fence had been moved so I carried on and went across the beach to the other side. Here there were a lot of fields before having to go round the nuclear plant and into Cemaes. I went straight to the shop as I’d run out of water very early on. Tom’s parents picked me up from there.

I was dropped off back in Cemaes around 10.15am the next day and headed out of the bay. The signs were rubbish here, though, and I missed a turning off the road. I managed to get onto another path leading out to the coast a bit further on. Later on, I lost the path again, but this time it was further inland than I was. When I got to Amlwch, the path went through the town and was covered in rubbish. Then when I got to the Port the route up the other side was blocked off for construction work.

I ended up having to go up the bank and over a wall in order to get onto the road. Out of Amlwch, the path was quite pleasant but I managed to lose it yet again. Still blaming the signposting. I was walking on the side of the hill when I should have been on top, I got to enjoy the smell of gorse though.

I rejoined the path for all of two seconds before it disappeared again and I found myself on the wrong side of a field fence. Once in the field, signs appeared, but were leading quite far inland so I took a more direct option. This ended with me having to go through a private garden to get down onto the beach below. I had to paddle another river then clamber over seaweed covered rocks, which were obviously very slippery.

When I got to Moelfre, I stopped to buy an ice cream. I’m not sure if I mentioned it in the last blog, but I’ve decided that I have to have a different ice cream every time I buy one. Just for my own entertainment. This one was chocolate and very good.

I got to Benllech around 5.15pm so decided to go a little further and into Red Wharf Bay before stopping for the day. Tom picked me up and we all went out for food, where I had a really tasty caramel and banana waffle for pudding. So good, I thought it was worth mentioning.

Getting back to Red Wharf Bay took ages but was going again at 10:30am. Going around the edge of the bay took a fair while, but was good walking un the other side. Here, I had to hit the road for a bit for a fair old climb, which had to some very good views back over the bay.

A bit later on and I was onto paths and heading towards the lighthouse and Puffin Island. There were a fair few people about round this bit and was even almost busy once I got to the lighthouse. Initially, I had to take the road from here, but was soon able to get down to the beach and head along there all the way to Beaumaris.

It’s a pretty town and was full of people eating either chips or ice cream. I got neither hoping for a healthier option… before having to settle for chocolate. At least I had good intentions.

From then on the rest of the day was all roads. In some parts, quite thin roads with no pavement, but I had been warned about this. The views looking over to the mainland with the sea leading to the mountains were stunning. I finally returned to Menai Bridge to cross back over. It was more road to Bangor, coming down to the pier eventually, then heading round the corner.

After that I made my way down the high street towards the train station. Stopping off on the way for an Oreo Krushem, which was pretty awesome. The next train wasn’t for 50 minutes. I was staying at Toms again as my Bangor accomodation was on holiday in New York. I got some food from Lidl during the wait, they do multipacks of Lion Bars!! Back at the station I had a nice chat with a woman who basically called me a tramp, in a very polite and amusing way.


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