Posted by: natsevs | April 12, 2010

Ceibwr Bay to Aberystwyth

With my parents now with me, I had a filling, if very slow, breakfast before we got s taxi back to Ceibwr Bay. This was even slower than the breakfast service, but we made it eventually.

Out of Ceibwr Bay was a fairly steep climb and then it was all up and down to Poppit. The ups were all higher than the downs though as we gradually got higher and higher. As a result, the road going down to Poppit sands was really long and boring, but once down we stopped for ice cream. My first of the walk and it was good, although the cone was a liitle soft, suggesting they were probay left from last year.

Next we went through St Dogmaels where I read the legend of Peregrine on a mermaid statue, it’s a good story. We stopped in Cardigan for lunch at a cafe before setting off again now on the Cardigan Coast Path. Except we went the wrong way by not turning when we should have and added a few extra steps to the journey.

Back on the path we headed along the estuary before getting back on the coast. Or near it anyway, the local farm park wouldn’t let the path run through it so instead we were on a road. The sun was really shining which was nice, but also slightly annoying, apparently the torrential rain only hangs around when I’m on my own.

Getting back to the coast took us past some over curious donkeys who weren’t keen on Allie, our dog. Mwnt was really pretty and the path itself from there was very good. The scenery wasn’t too bad either and I spotted a seal in the water below before it dived out of sight. My camera broke slightly just before finishing in Aberporth (below) but is now held together nicely with tape. I should mention that both mum and dad did the whole day and didn’t even look too bad at the end of it.

The following morning a late night by my usual standards and the clock change meant I was pretty tired. The parents dropped me off at Aberporth whilst they sorted some stuff. My stuff.

From Aberporth the walking was easy to Tresaiththen along the top again to Penbryn. As I neared Llangranog, there were people out rowing in the water beneath me and it seemed we had ended up in a race to get there. I lost, but not by much. I had to leave Allie (pictured below) tied up as I went to buy some food which she hated.

Out of there it was tougher walking and really not dog friendly. Someone, most likely a local farmer, had blocked all the dog access at the styles with fence posts so I had to carry Allie, an overweight, muddy Labrador over them. It was quite odd coming round a corner to see loads of kids on a dry ski slope as I rounded a corner in the middle of nowhere. It was the site of the Urdd centre. I have no idea what that tranlates as. Youth possibly?

I met mum and dad coming the other way to meet me between Cwm Tush and Newquay. Newquay is a really pretty town and we stopped and had a chippy lunch here before carrying on very full of pasty, chips and gravy. The first half of the route to Aberaeron was beach then the path climbs up a hill to go back on top of the cliffs. There were a fair few people out enjoying the sunshine.

When we arrived in Aberaeron we went for an awesome ice cream before mum and dad dropped me off at my B&B. I had Honeycomb by the way. I quickly sorted out my stuff then my parents set off back to Portsmouth, taking the sunshine with them.

When I went down for breakfast I realised I was the only person in the b&b, the owner was nice and chatted to me as I had my breakfast. The walking was more of the same until Llanon where I hit the beach for a short while before abandoning it for being too rocky.

Soon I was back on it though to avoid having to go iand on the path. This did mean I had to cross a stream or two, which wasn’t the best thing for my very recently dried boots. Eventually, I did have to come inland for a bit because of a caravan site. It was more or less a diversion taking me straight in then straight back out again so nice and pointless.

There were a few hills to negotiate before it flattened out a bit through lots of sheep fields. The path then seemed to go right, which was inland and uphill, so I carried on along the bottom. A couple of sheep started running towards me making a racket and followed me. Soon the whole field had joined them with one occasionally running alongside me. They obviously thought I had their food, but it was still quite unnerving especially as they would not be scared away no matter how hard I tried. In the end, I jumped a fence to get away from them as they stood there shouting at me in unison.

I was back on the path now and it took me to another caravan site where I apparently went over the wrong style and ended up surrounded by gorse at first, then having to climb over a series of barbed wire fences before finally being on the proper path. There was one last climb then it was along the top until I was looking down over Aberystwyth.

I think it has quite a hard time as a place because it actually seemed quite nice to me. As I was on my own again now, the rain started coming down quite heavily. The way down was steep and slippery and I went over a few times. The rain was getting a bit heavier now so I headed straight to my hostel where I gad quite a relaxed night eating too many donuts and catching up on tv


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