Posted by: natsevs | March 29, 2010

Pendine to Angle

After a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast, I felt a lot better than when I’d arrived in Pendine the previous night. After having my photo with the Morfa Bay guys, I set off down ‘the rabbit run’ to the beach. Where I had to head immediately up a pretty steep hill.

The path became very boggy at the top and on the way down to the beach that lead to Amroth. This is where the Pembrokeshire coast path starts, but if there was something there to mark it, I didn’t see it, as I stuck to the beach. I came up into Wisebridge and back onto the path not because I had to, but because after Wisebridge the path goes through tunnels through the headland there, which I fancied doing. The first tunnel was pretty long, but the second was more just an arch really. These took me to Saundersfoot where I grabbed some lunch (pasty and a muffin).

I decided I’d be able to head along the beach agai,n so that’s what I did. It was fine up to Monkstone Point where I had to clamber over rocks to get round the corner to another bay. This bay, however, was flanked all round by cliffs. I carried on hoping to see a way up and came to a waterfall with some less vertical climbs to the left of it. Someone had kindly put a rope on one of these, so I was able to pull myself up with that quite well, which was quite fun (picture below).

I headed along the top to arrive in Tenby at 14:40, which surprised me slightly as that was the planned stop point. I had planned to meet my friend Andy  Wheeler there so headed to the B&B where I entertained myself by washing my clothes in the bath by walking on them. I had planned to sort my stuff but ended up watching tv and basically losing track of time.

When I headed out for some tea, it was slightly shocking to not find a chippy in Tenby, there was however a lot of kids running around the streets and a Tesco where I got some less impressive tea than I was hoping for. Andy arrived around 9.30 after quite a drive up from Portsmouth.

Breakfast the next morning was big: we started with cereal, then melon then a Full English. We left around 9.30, but had to find somewhere to leave Andy’s car for three days. We also met a journalist from Tenby’s local paper for a quick photo, which unfortunately  was slightly ruined by a thick fog which stuck around most of the morning.

Out of Tenby was along a beach and then up onto the headland where we had a little climb on the rocks, which on a sunny day would have resulted in some really good views, but visibility was about 20 meters at the time. After hitting another beach and then up onto the cliffs again, we hit a dead end and were met by a sign saying the path was closed for repair. Thankfully, we didn’t have to go back far to meet the diversion going around MOD properrty.

Around half 12 it started raining and didn’t stop for the rest of the day. We hit Freshwater East around lunchtime and headed to the pub for food but just as we came to the door a man popped his head round the corner and shouted ‘shut!’ at us. Lovely gent. We ended up eating lunch in the public toilets to get out of the rain for a bit as it was the only shelter around.

We finished the day in Bosherston where we were hoping to head to the pub to warm up. The pub opened at 6. We arrived at 5.15. We sat in a bus shelter getting gradually colder and colder as we were soaked through. We ended up staying in the pub B&B in order to dry off our stuff and recover slightly.

Breakfast was a pretty good spread and we also ordered some packed lunches as there didn’t look to be anywhere to get food until Angle, which was the due stop. Back in the room I heard a lot of bleeting and out the window and we watched as hundreds of sheep were herded down the road. When we headed out it was unfortunately with damp boots, but most of my stuff had dried.

The day started with some walking through the firing range  where Andy defied the signs by picking up some military debris in the form of a bullet. Thankfully, it did not explode and he did not die. Eventually, we hit a firing range we were not allowed into so had to head inland onto roads where we met a lovely little lamb.

At Castlemartin we stopped for lunch on a roundabout, which doubled up as a walled in garden. We finally got back to the coast and off the road when we reached Freshwater West. This has recently been the site of filming for Robin Hood and Shell Cottage scenes from Harry Potter.

The wind was ridiculously strong suddenly and straight at us so once we’d got off the beach we hid for a bit behind a dune to recover slightly. It got very up and down from there on in, but the scenery was great and the sun had come out a bit. The wind was still very strong though, especially when we went for a look at the remains of a house on the headland near Rat Island, where we almost got swept off the cliff edge. Thorny Island has a castle on it which has been converted into a hotel. Here we were practically in Angle but had to make our way around a triangular headland to get back to Angle once more.

The path took us into a cow field where the cows were very protective over their calves and ran at us. We took the road down instead. Stocked up in the local shop then went to the pub for a beer where we chatted to some of the locals who were genuinely impressed with the walk, which is always nice. Some people don’t really comprehend that it’s quite a long way. They told us the campsite in the village was open but warned us about the sheep. We thiught this was a joke, but the field was actually full of sheep. Thankfully they were herded into their barn for the night so we didn’t get our tea nicked. We’d bought some hotdogs to go with the usual noodles so had a feast by my usual standards.



  1. You are doing a fantastic job Nat. Keep it up and Spring will be her soon!!

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