Posted by: natsevs | March 22, 2010

Gowerton to Pendine

As I’ve said, it was hard to start again after having a taste of normal life back in Cardiff.

Packing took ages as well, but eventually I got to the train station just after 10, after picking up a free yoghurt and granola thingy outside. It was pretty tasty.

My train being late didn’t help my mood. Apparently the crew couldn’t get to the train, and then we were stuck behind a slower train. All of which meant I missed my connecting train to Gowerton at Swansea and the next one wouldn’t be until 2.10. I set off to find a bus and was confronted by at least eight drunk people staggering around with special brew in hand. I found a bus as quickly as possible. Finally set off again from Gowerton at around 13.30 and was soon on the Millenium Trail Cycle Path from Llanelli. I took this all the way to Pembrey through some pleasant scenery and a little that was less pleasant. Around Pembrey I spotted a good spot in the dunes to camp and decided to stop there for the night. Where I managed to burn supernoodles. I’ve only been cooking them most nights for the last two months.

A fair few dog walkers passed by as I packed up my tent in the morning, but none made any comment. Once I’d started walking I realised I’d stopped right by the entrance to the country park in pembrey that I was aiming for. The way wasn’t very clear here and I ended up going in and out a fair bit before hitting the beach and heading along there a bit. I had a little wash in some toilets just off the beach and found the path I needed, which took me through the woods before turning north to leave them.

The next bit was not nice at all, complete wasteland really, next to a racetrack that I could hear but not see. The river levee took me to Kidwelly where I got myself some water from a fairly surly shopkeeper. I had to walk on roads through Ferryside then up to Carmarthen to finish the day. A Morrisons greeted me as I arrived, which made me pretty happy, I somehow resisted the urge to buy cookies, but did get a few treats for myself. In Carmarthen, I stayed with my friend Helen and her partner Richard who looked after me very well.

The following day was quite an epic slog, which easily took in over 25 miles. I took one road all the way down to llansteffan where I went around the edge of the castle and the tiny bit of headland before having then to head inland again.  Back onto more roads next to yet another river all the way up to St Clears. I did get off the road onto a footpath for a while, but apparently it was quite old because it disppeared halfway along forcing me through some very sludgey fields and over a few fences.

It was when a got to St cCears that i realised I was going to be pretty late getting into Pendine, where I was determined to get to. I had more more roadwalking down to Laugharne, arriving there at 17.10 with five miles still to go. What’s more is that Laugharne seemed like a really nice place worth a look round, but I’ll just have to go back sometime. My legs had started to ache slightly around 3pm from the continuous roads, so I wasn’t looking forward to the next bit, but went for it nonetheless. Managed to take my mind off it for a bit with phonecalls, but was soon trudging along the road in the dark desperate to reach Pendine.

I finally arrived at around 7pm and went to the shop to get some tea where the woman looked genuinely concerned for me as she told me that Morfa Bay was at the top of a very steep hill. By the time I got to the top I was sweating quite considerably but evetually found Morfa Bay Advetures where I stayed the night. Unfortunately i was in a signal blackspot but did have free wifi so I was able to update the blog and watch a bit of tv off the internet. Rhys, who greeted me when I arrived, was really helpful and sorted me a breakfast in the morning where I met the other guys who worked there who were equally nice. Not only did I get a free brakfast, but they also didn’t charge for the room and offered to get in touch with the other adventure centres in Pemrokeshire. As i said, really nice blokes.


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