Posted by: natsevs | March 20, 2010

Catching up… Baglan to Gowerton

After having a very tasty cooked breakfast, I was dropped off back in Baglan to make my way towards Swansea. It was more of the same at the beginning of the day, cycle path along the roads through industry. Not a lot of fun. I did eventually hit Swansea Marina, which was much nicer and then got onto the promenade. It was on the promenade that the photographer from the Swansea Evening Post met me and made me sit some slightly ridiculous poses, if you’ve seen the photo apparently that’s how I sit when I rest?

After that though I went onto the beach and went barefoot for the first time in two months, my feet have missed the fresh air so they were happy. Further on and with my boots back on I stopped at Verdis for a quick hot chocolate. Had been tempted to go for an ice cream, but the sun had disappeared. It came back again once I’d started again which meant that the Gower was bathed in sunshine. It was a very welcome change after the last week or two to experience some beautiful scenery. I only got a little bit lost once.

At Pwlldu Head I went along the wrong path and ended up yet again stuck between a cliff and a fence. A few fence jumps later and I’d rejoined the path and found my way to Three Cliffs Bay to finish for the day. The bay is a particularly pretty part of the Gower which I’d recommend. Especially at sunset.

John and Jayne had told me the best way to go for the start from Three Cliffs. I headed down to the beach through the dunes, but unfortunately the tide wasn’t out quite far enough to get round the headland. Getting over it was no problem, but I did have trouble finding the path back down to the beach. When I came up off the beach at Port Eynon I managed to go the wrong way, I could see where I was from the map but the actual path was nowhere to be seen. This time I wasn’t at the top of a cliff but the bottom of a little one. It was no trouble to climb up onto the top, especially with my lightened bag. I’d been able to leave a fair bit of stuff at the house. I made it to Worms Head in good time and enjoyed the views very much.

Rhosilli beach took a while to get along but passed the time looking for nice shells being as incredibly manly as I am. I’ve been to Rhosilli a fair few times so was nice to be back. It looked like you could walk around the headland but the tide was in so had to do a little bit of climbing in the end. I finished in llanmadoc and was picked up again. In the evening, I beat Chris on FIFA a few times, nice to know three years of uni gave me some useful skills.

Thursday night was my last staying in Swansea so I was back to a full bag once more when I started plus a whole lot of lion bars 🙂 I was on the roads to start but was soon onto the edge of the saltmarsh. I was just wondering where all the sheep were when I noticed about a foot to my right on the path was a dead one. Eyes missing and everything. The saltmarsh was not as pretty as the rest of the Gower but still quite scenic. From Crofty it was road walking all the way to Gowerton which took me longer than I’d expected. I got there at around 2 and was picked up by my mate Tom to spend the weekend off from walking in Cardiff.

I had a fun weekend with friends from uni and home, going out and staying in relaxing. Seeing people did make it harder to start walking again on Monday though. The train station did throw up a bit if temptation.



  1. Great Blog,
    Reading your exploits is fascinating – us men aren’t meant to gather shells on the sea shore but they do look great scattered around the house blending in with the Laura Ashley wall paper and chic sheep skin rugs collected from footpaths 🙂

    Happy hiking!
    Helford River Expeditions

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