Posted by: natsevs | March 18, 2010

Catching Up…

Hello all, I am unfortunately probably not going to be near a computer for a while so I am going to try to catch up a couple of days at a time on my phone. You never know, it might make me start blogging every couple of days instead of weeks.
Last report it was my birthday, since then I’ve seen some beautiful bits of Wales, met some lovely people and had a weekend of complete non-walkiness. But we’ll start from Cardiff.

My birthday was very nice thankyou, I got to see my parents, sisters and nieces which was lovely. On the Sunday, we headed to the Bay once I’d relearnt how to pack my bag. After a quick go on the merry go round with Harri (my two year old niece) and a good lunch, I headed off once more..

And immediately went the wrong way. I managed to go under the bridge from the bay so had to retrace and actually get on said bridge. I then walked along roads and over a bridge which appeared to have sign saying no pedestrians but I didn’t have my glasses on.

Once I got to Penarth, I realised I could have just nipped straight over on the barrage. We live and learn.

At Penarth, I was able to hit the beach, which I stayed on more or less the whole way to Barry. Although at one point I was above the beach on a cliff and the path disappeared onto the rocks below. To my side was a tall fence and just over the disappeared path was a slightly older rustier fence. I got my bag over the latter fence then followed it over with zero finesse, but then I was slightly more worried about the drop I was over than gaining points for agility. I think the two old ladies in the adjacent caravan park disapproved.
At Barry I was forced inland by the docks and had to make my way through some pretty nasty industrial wasteland to the road. It was then onto Barry Island, which was getting quite busy down at the front for the evening. Got a few beeps of horns as I walked off on the bridge and it was already getting dark. I had to just keep walking though because there was absolutely nowhere to camp until finally I found a decent spot near an aquaduct and set up in the dark around Porthkerry listening to the many planes flying over.

It was a very cold night’s sleep down there and in the morning it was hard to get up and out despite having the tent sniffed by a dog or two. My feet started giving me trouble on this day, they felt kind of like they were bruised inside. Once I got walking properly though, that  numbed out.

Soon I was going through Rhoose and by Rhoose Point, which had a slightly beaten sign saying it was mainland Wales’ most southerly point. Then it was past a powerstation, some cracking views as you can imagine. After that, though, it got a lot prettier.

I arrived in Llantwit Major around lunchtime and checked out the beach cafe where I’ve had an ice cream or two in the past. They had a £3.50 stew on so I was sold. Thought it might counter my chocolate bar breakfast. It was good and I was soon on my way with a recommended camp spot in Ogmore from a local guy. After Llantwit, there was more decent scenery with some great little beaches and a castle. Nash Point with its lighthouse and foghorn was particularly picturesque. Coming into Ogmore-by-Sea there were sheep everywhere, including lots of cute lambs. I’m not ashamed to admit lambs are very cute and I took quie a few photos.

I arrived in Ogmore in good time, but needed food for tea and had to decide on how to proceed. I eventually found a shop quite a way back on myself but the owner was a very pleasant gentleman. I then headed towards the camp spot I’d been recommended but was slightly distracted by the sunset as usual. I did however make it there eventually, slightly in the dark.

The night was freezing again, but the sun was starting to warm things up a little, my water bladder had actually frozen for the first time. I’d decided that rather than walk up and around another river, I would paddle through it where it ran over the beach. So off I went back to the sea front.

A man walking his dog chatted to me for a bit and told me it was deeper than it looked on the other side (the river spread out and split on the beach). The shallow bits were freezing for my poor feet, unfortunately I went through a fair few moving up river to find a shallower crossing spot for the deep bit. When I did it the water was about knee deep but wasn’t as bad as the shallow bits for stinging my feet with cold.

On the other side I dried off and covered my feet quickly. It was then over the long beach to Porthcawl. Once there it was actually warm enough for me to be tempted to buy an ice cream but for some reason I resisted. I’m still yet to buy my first one. A little while after the bay things started getting less nice… Well it was ok for a bit but the towers of port Talbot were starting to appear on the horizon.

Evetually, I was forced inland and managed to get very disorientated in some sand dunes heading towards the motorway. It was here that a whole flock of sheep ran up around the dunes surrounding, making me slightly uneasy. I then had to walk along roads into Margan and follow a cycle route which took me down alleys and all sorts. The whole route from then on before finishing in Baglan was not very nice at all. So the less said about it the better. In Baglan. I was picked up by Jayne, who along with John and their son Christopher, was putting me up for the night and very kindly the following two nights as well.

I’ll hopefully catch up another three  or so days tomorrow.
Until then thanks for the support 🙂



  1. Enjoying reading about your adventures. Thanks for a great weekend Harri is still talking about the merri-go-round she went on with you, the photo is my screensaver.

  2. Typed on the phone? Impressive. Good walking Nat, and horse saving, summer soon, it’ll be grand!

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