Posted by: natsevs | February 3, 2010

A few things I forgot…(aka a moan list)

1) Kissing gates need to have a minimum size restriction. I’m not a big person, i’m pretty thin actually, but with my bag on I have had a few occasions where I’ve been wedged inside kissing gates unable to get through. I think I’ve found the knack for it now but I still get squashed by the odd one.

2) If a b&b is going to charge over £30 then I expect to have hot chocolate sachets in the room. And biscuits. You know who you are. On the topic of b&b’s; stop giving me marmalade, I don’t like marmalade. What’s wrong with normal jam? At least give me a choice.

3) A horse actually blocked my path today. I don’t think they all hate me because if they do they could easily do me some damage. I have therefore decided that they obviously just enjoy my company…. Or smell my food.

4) Aiden and Aimie, I wish I could tell you that there are sheep out there attacking people (then giving them cotton wool to dress the wounds) but yeh, the sheep had been attacked. I obviously automatically assumed it was by a big cat that would attack me in my tent.

5) I can’t believe I almost forgot this. The absolute best thing about having an adventure in Britain is that you can still buy lion bars. I love lion bars and more shops should stock them.

That’s all I can remember, nothing very interesting but I’ve been in a tent on my sleeping bag since 5 and this has wasted some time.



  1. lol Had to grin when I read about the Lion Bars. I’m enjoying reading about your adventure,Nat. Hope the weather keeps getting better and you don’t get any of this snow. xx Erin

  2. Clambering over a stile with camera, camera bag, and backpack is also interesting.

    And cows. I always end up in a field full of curious cows two days after the news is full of “man gets trampled to death by cows,” stories.

  3. Just stumbled upon your site! You are so right about the lion bars – I had the very same revelation only 2 days ago after forgetting for years that they actually existed! Anyway, amazing to see what you are doing, best of luck and have a great time! Rosannah, Devon.

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