Posted by: natsevs | January 5, 2010

Walk-off in 5 days!

 Its perfect weather for camping! I spent Saturday and Sunday nights in my little tent to see how effective my sleeping bag and liners were at keeping the frost at bay. By Monday morning it looked more like an igloo than a tent after 48 hours of un-touched frost, inside and out of the cover sheet. First night my feet (which have rubbish circulation anyway) were absolutely freezing and i was a bit worried about losing a toe. Seeing as my feet are going to be quite important for me in the next 12 months i set about fixing this on Sunday night. A nice thick pair of socks doubled with the normal pair i’d worn the previous night seemed to do the trick, although i’m thinking of a last minute investment in a pair of thermal socks. Other than feet problems, i was relatively comfortable with my sleeping bag and silk liner, plus thermals, and the self-inflating mattress a bought looks to be a very good investment.

Other preparations are going pretty well and i only really need to get my first lot of food before the big walk-off, plus a few little extras. Last week i made it into the local paper with a small article, and they are apparently going to run a larger one sometime this week, or next monday. Lots of friends and family have also come forward offering me places to stay all over the country which is absolutely great. I’m sure the first thing most people will do is chuck me in the shower, especially in those areas where i will have been camping for a while. Yesterday was the busiest day this site has had, with 84 people visiting and sponsorship seems to be really picking up, so looks like the ball has well and truely been set in motion.  Thank you to anyone who has even shown an interest in this little project of mine and particularly to those who have donated to the charities, both of which do great work here in Britain and fully deserve your support.

Depending on how prepared i actually am, i may put up one last pre-walk update this weekend. Alternatively, and probably more likely, I’ll be running around getting last minute equipment and trying desperately to get a few more essential miles in. I may be turning up on local radio or even regional news so keep an eye open for me if only for the comedic value of watching me struggle to seem interesting.

Happy New Year and here’s to a great 2010.



  1. Good luck Nat! I hope you manage to stay warm, keep sending updates.

  2. I reckon before long I will get you on the one show. That would eb awesome. Maybe you can persuade Christine to ditch Lampard in favour of snuggles in a tent in -5

    • haha, i’ll have made it if i get on the one show.

      • One Show! One Show! One Show!

  3. Those 84 people will from my building then 😉 haha

  4. I do not envy you setting off in these arctic conditions but I wish you every piece of luck our coast can throw up to you!

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