Posted by: natsevs | December 20, 2009

3 Weeks To Go!

In 3 weeks time I will be on my way, first stop sunny Gosport! Preparations have been going fairly well: as you may have seen I have spent many many hours on Gmap pedometer to come up with a schedule to attempt to keep to (which was not as easy as I had expected, especially with my tired laptop). Whilst doing this I discovered that rivers are going to be a slight pain in the backside along the way, but even with their enforced detours I should hopefully be completed by next Christmas. With this Christmas coming on Friday I should receive the last of my kit in the form of presents, excellent timing by me. After that all I have left to do is find a way of fitting it all into my bag, plus the small matter of making sure I am physically ready for the challenge. The snow we have had this week has made it hit home just how cold it’s going to be at times, although it has also given me the opportunity to acclimatise myself mentally and physically to these conditions. I won’t lie, I’m still very much looking forward to when things start to warm up a little.


The News, Portsmouth’s local newspaper, will be running a story on the walk at some point nearer to my time of departure. I had the photos taken on Friday, thankfully it wasn’t as embarrassing as I had expected it to be… but was still slightly uncomfortable. I’ll be having the interview soon, and hopefully it will be a good opportunity to pick up some sponsorship for my chosen charities. If you still haven’t sponsored me and would like to, the links are in the side-bar to the right of the page. Thanks to both The Mammal Society and The Stroke Association for there continuing support.


There’s not much else to update you on, so all that’s left to say is

Merry Christmas



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