Posted by: natsevs | October 20, 2009

The Project

Hi. So this is my first post, no pressure to make it a good one.


I have always thought it would be a pretty awesome experience to walk around the whole coast of mainland Britain. That’s why on 10th January 2010 I am setting off from South Parade Pier in Portsmouth to do just that. The walk will take in over 7000 miles of coastline and should hopefully be completed in 12 months. I will be walking every day, unless injured, and will spend many of the nights wild camping whilst the others will be spent in hostels or enjoying the hospitality of friends and family.

 This is a challenge I have decided to undertake for the selfish reason of wanting the experience. I love being near the sea and get excited about seeing new things, people and places so I should be in my element. Travelling is something I could do for the rest of my life and there is no better way to ensure you see everything possible on a journey than walking. I can’t wait to be waking up in a new place every day and to see all that this walk has to offer. Having said all this, I am also hoping that through sponsorship for my walk I can raise money for 2 charities: The Stroke Association and The Mammal Society. The links to my Justgiving pages are in the top right corner of this site and it would be great if you could donate any amount of money in support of my walk. On these pages there is information about both charities but if you want to know more, they each have a website as well.

 So now you know what I am setting off to do and why I happen to think such an undertaking is actually a great idea, I thought I would fill you in with some of my home-made rules for my journey. The main, and slightly obvious, one being that under no circumstances will I use any form of transport other than walking, to cover any part of the route around the coast. This includes ferries, which is likely to result in the demoralising scenario of seeing a point a few hundred yards across an inlet which will take me days to reach instead of minutes or hours. That’s all part of the fun though. At times when I leave the coast in order to find accommodation or food, I will always return to the point at which I left before I restart my journey. The third rule I have, is that where I am forced to leave the coast whilst walking due to private or ministry of defence property or any other unforeseeable reason, I will always endeavour to rejoin the coastline at the soonest possible point. Lastly, if there is a bridge it counts. This means that any island connected to the mainland by a bridge is going to be included in the walk. I feel that as long as I can get to an area of coast by walking it should be included, particularly as Portsmouth is technically an island and it would be a cop out to include some and not others. This way I have criteria.

 That is about all for now, I probably won’t be updating again until December or January but hopefully once I get started I will be able to post on here fairly regularly. During those periods where I cannot get to a computer for some time I will be in regular contact with my brother Jon, and he can let you know on here how I am progressing. I should add that I am going clockwise around, so will be heading west to begin with.

 Thanks for coming and taking a look at my blog and any support you can offer is obviously greatly appreciated.



  1. Hi Nat, well done on getting the blog started; that’s the easy bit!
    Get some training under your belt and a backpack full of good luck and I am sure you will succeed. It is pretty easy really, just remember to keep the sea on your left!

    Good luck, Ian

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